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Full stack web development for a wide range of frameworks and languages.

Cross Platform Apps

One app solution for both IOS and android.


Websites, email, calendar, nextcloud & much more on high quality servers.


Efficient, fast and secure wired and / or wireless networks setup by experienced technicians.

Tech Support

Enterprise grade technical support and assistance through an intuitive ticket system.

Desktop Repair

Wide range repair and replacement service for business work stations.



WordPress User Meta Table Editor

May 5, 2016

Adds a configurable table for editing user meta. Works with ajax and allows exporting table data to csv. Table has a filter field for finding rows. To edit a cell click on it, type a new value and hit enter. GitHub To install the plugin Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin […]

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Woo Commerce Points and Rewards Referral Extension

February 27, 2016

Github Woo Commerce Points and Rewards Referral Extension is a word press plugin that adds a refer a friend a friend by email form short code, rewards friend points for signing up, rewards referrer points when the referee makes a purchase. The amount of points that get awarded are configurable in the Woo Commerce Points […]

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Ecosystem Sandbox

February 22, 2016

Github Ecosystem Sandbox is a Java project for simulating a ecosystem of specimens and how they interact with each other and evolve. The system provides a framework front end for handling the ecosystem object but is not required for running simulations. The ecosystem object contains a Atmosphere object and a collection of Specimen objects as […]

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Jquery Simple RSS Feed

December 27, 2015

Github A simple plugin for retrieving rss feeds. It takes each item in an rss feed and puts them in a div assigning what ever style classes you provide. Usage

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Mohawk Capstone Project

December 20, 2015

Github Storacloud is cloud hosting site that allows you to upload, manage, download, and create your own personal files. The project was developed entirely by Brad Baago through the mohawk college Capstone project. Passwords are secured using best practices as of 2015. Due to the purely academic nature of this project data preservation is not […]

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